Contest time! We are calling this one the Cold Shoulder Contest.

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Click here for more info on this original 1934 advertisement!

So what is this BYRRH?

BYRRH (pronounced "beer") is actually an aperitif, still produced in France by Pernod. It's wine-based, similar to Lillet, but blended with quinine. According to Pernod, “the basic grapes, mainly the Carignan and Grenache varieties from the hillsides of Roussillon, are transformed into mistelles (partly fermented grape juice), which are then blended with selected dry red Roussillon wines.” Byrrh was created in 1866 by Simon and Pallade Violet, who were drapers. Drapers, at the time, was a phrase used to describe men who sold cloth or clothing. It’s a great name for a guy who started out selling fur coats. 148 years later the drink is making a splash again in fine bars across the U.S and the rest of the world. Perhaps it's the number of appearances in the Mad Men, or perhaps people are taking to aperitifs again.

Check out: A Byrrh by Any Other Name


Posted: Jun 19, 2014 | Tagged: BYRRH, Cold Shoulder, Contest

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