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From Art Nouveau to Art Deco - A Brief Look Back

Today Art Nouveau (1890-1914) is justifiably celebrated and loved for its beauty, originality, elaborate ornamentation. We admire the incredible talent the artists had to have to produce such astounding artwork. However, as people were entering the 20th century they felt it had a long enough run and were growing tired of this style. As much as they had initially loved it for the same reasons we admire it today, they started disliking it for its extravagance and association with decadent elitism. It quite frankly became boring, outdated and embarrassing - attributed to grumpy art academics unwilling to relent and constantly talking about the great noodle or vermicelli style (another name for the Art Nouveau movement)

Shortly after the end of WWI, a French art movement called “Art Deco” was born. It wasn’t long before the it spread like wildfire and the entire world was caught up in its bright colours and bold designs of the movement, which continued to enjoy global popularity until the 1930’s-1940’s. It was a long standing trend in design that continues to be popular as “vintage art” to this day.

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Original Vintage Posters and Prints From the Roaring 20’s

Decorate your walls with a thrilling throw back to the Roaring 20’s, or as referred to by the French as Les Années Folles or the Crazy Years. This was a time of economic prosperity, where jazz and hooch were free flowing and the world became obsessed with celebrities. If you have a passion for original vintage posters there is no greater place to start your collection than the 1920’s.

This was an era of social, artistic, and cultural dynamism.  The decade saw the personal use of automobiles, telephones and the very first motion pictures, all of which made information and advertisement easier to communicate. Trends were easier to catch fire and it was easier to follow celebrities in the making and keep up to date on the latest gossip and news. The biggest celebrities were sports heroes and movie stars. The new technology made people feel like anything was possible and they broke away from tradition to forge new territory of their own in society and culture.

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