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Vintage typography & lettering, part I - books, boards, posters

Good font is very important (often the most important) element of a good poster so - since we love both of these things -  we prepared short set of vintage lettering inspirations.
First - Agence Eureka. This rich Flickr collection contains scans of many books and publications related to typography and lettering. A few of them below:

Posted: Apr 22, 2015 | Tagged: book, calligraphy, font, graphic design, illustration, lettering, print, ruemarcellin, script, typography

Vintage French Illustrations Take Motion and Come Alive!

We decided to choose two illustrations from Rue Marcellin's collection and let them live their life for a moment. ;) Two decades of difference, two various moods, both - illustrative, joyful and a bit nostalgic. 

First - indoor entertainment at the famous Maxim's de Paris, men's conversations, glasses in hands and top hats on heads: Maxim's 1902 Original Print


And second one -  outdoor adventure, female trip, wind in the sails and a pinch of elegance : La Vie Parisienne - Un Mousse d'Occasion - circa 1920 Original Magazine Print 

Which one is your favorite?

Posted: Apr 15, 2015 | Tagged: animation, cover, graphic design, illustration, magazine, print, ruemarcellin