Vintage typography & lettering, part I - books, boards, posters

Good font is very important (often the most important) element of a good poster so - since we love both of these things -  we prepared short set of vintage lettering inspirations.
First - Agence Eureka. This rich Flickr collection contains scans of many books and publications related to typography and lettering. A few of them below:

Other interesting examples from this source are: alphabets,  Plain & ornamental lettering and Lettres du noveau. In Agence Eureka's set you can also find other books, paper toys and other remarkable and inspiring examples of vintage prints.

The second thing we wanted to feature is a contemporary book for fans of good oldfashioned scripts - decorative, elegant letters, curvy forms and classy shapes collected in one book, Sripts, published by Themes & Hudson. This book is a result of a collaboration between Steven Heller and Louise Fili Ltd. Inside - over 300 scripts from pre-Modern to Modern - from France, Italy, Germany, and England as well as the United States.

In Rue Marcellin's shop we also have something for typography & lettering lovers. If you like art noveau style, this piece may be something for you:

And if you like (literally) clean fonts, something from 30's, with a pinch of eroticism, you can hang it in on your wall:

And what's your favourite font, poster, book, or print? If you have some special examples of typography, lettering, or calligraphy - feel free to share them in comment below!

Posted: Apr 22, 2015 | Tagged: book, calligraphy, font, graphic design, illustration, lettering, print, ruemarcellin, script, typography

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