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As you know, the world of art encompasses all sorts of styles and techniques ranging from abstract paintings to high-end photography. But when you really want to add something special and unique to any interior of a room, no matter if you’re an art enthusiast or an interior designer, nothing does it quite like historic and vintage fine art. There’s just something magical, bold, and beautiful about it…yet elegant and interesting at the same time.

Vintage art in the form of classic propaganda posters, antique art, vintage advertisements and illustrations, is something that stands the test of time. It’s not only historic…it’s truly timeless and beautiful. It’s something we can all relate to as human beings on a fundamental level.

Here at Rue Marcellin, our burning passion is vintage art of the highest level of quality and class that will simply knock your socks off. Our focus is the “cream of the crop” when it comes to the absolute best quality and most stunning pieces of vintage art that is sure to please not only those who will get to look at it, but also look simply amazing on just about any wall you choose to display it on.

No matter if you want to add something special to the walls of an apartment, home, loft or even an office…we have vintage art, posters, illustrations and more that’ll be sure to match your own unique style and personal taste. We have made the browsing experience here at Rue Marcellin simple and easy for you as well. Explore our unique store here on your own time and enjoy a safe and hassle-free environment. 

It’s time to inject a little classic style and stunningly beautiful vintage art into your life. We know you’re going to love what we have to offer you!