Ecommerce Store Rue Marcellin Launches One Of Kind Interior Art Design Wall Décor Online Shop

 Dated: Jan. 11, 2014

The beautiful and unique form of art for interior decoration located at, is presenting a dynamic selection of timeless wall décor pieces that are easy to order and ship.

PARIS -- Rue Marcellin is an ecommerce store that is offering a wide selection of original vintage posters, prints, lithographs and other printed antique art. The website has recently launched and also includes advertising and propaganda posters, collector prints, magazine advertisements with illustrations, and fashion prints.

Rue Marcellin is pleased to present the online catalog of contemporary new vintage style home décor to internet visitors, where ordering is easy and shipping is always free. Each product page displays the original-period year the piece was created. Most pieces date from the late 1800s to the 1940s. The Rue Marcellin estore does not sell replicas or future date re-prints. The Company sources from the most experienced poster and print traders in various countries. Rue Marcellin is committed to standing behind everything they sell and authenticity is guaranteed for quality and originality of every piece. The Company website offers hassle free returns and the dynamic selection is a breathtaking adventure with timeless prints for every lifestyle.

Much of the Rue Marcellin prints and posters are printed using stone lithography, also called, chromolithography. In the 19th century, chromolithography became the primary means of inexpensively reproducing works of art in colour and illustrating books and magazines. Though laborious, stone lithography could produce thousands of elegant images without image degradation. Draftsmen and artists etched images and text into large slabs of limestone using a grease crayon and an acid bath. They did colour separation, using one stone for each colour on the poster, and then they layered the colours on the page. Although this breakthrough technology required a lot of skill and hard work for the creation of the template from limestone, it produced rich colours and textures previously never seen before, and even incomparable in style, look, and feel to today’s offset technologies.

The home décor wall adornments are a favorite among online shoppers looking for hard to find, high quality vintage posters and prints.

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