My name is Paul Budny and I am the founder of Rue Marcellin. 

Rue Marcellin is an e-commerce store and online gallery offering a beautiful and unique form of vintage fine art for interior decor.  We specialize in authentic vintage posters, prints, lithographs and other printed antique art.  This includes advertising and propaganda posters, collector prints, magazine advertisements and illustrations, and fashion prints. Our business is based in Paris, France and Vancouver, Canada. We like to say that we connect the old world with the new world, both physically and through visual history.

I have been fascinated by original vintage posters for many years now.  I still remember walking into my first vintage poster gallery in France and being awestruck by what I saw on its walls.  The overall beauty, range in styles, colours, and sizes of these posters were incredible.  Upon learning that these beautiful pieces were made as early as the 1860s, and gaining an understanding of what it took to produce lithographic prints in those days, my appreciation grew further. I couldn’t get over how much cool history was hanging right there for me to ogle at!

As I learned more and more about the subject my interest only peaked.  For example, I found it incredible that these advertising posters revolutionized they way we do marketing today.  I imagined the frenzy that ensued with the invention of the advertising poster on the streets of Paris, which quickly spread to the rest of Europe and the new world.

How companies competed for city wall space with their posters, advertising everything from Champagne, to upcoming cabarets, to laundry detergent.  How so many people instantly fell in love with them, forming collectors' clubs, attending poster galleries and exhibitions.  I found it intriguing that these posters were produced by some of the best artists of the day and how this new mass media made many of them famous almost overnight, not to mention finally allowed them to monazite their artistic talents.  The poster was more than art. It was a revolution affecting how we look at media and advertising today.

Rue Marcellin is the next step in my evolving collector’s passion and my desire to share this with you!  Our company’s challenge is this:

  •   We want to provide you with unique vintage originals for your unique sense of style

  •  Whether it’s a house, apartment, loft, office, restaurant, or hair studio, we want to inspire you to find something amazing for your interior

  •   We want to give you the ability to discover, learn, shop in a user friendly, enjoyable, safe, and hassle-free environment

  •   We want you to be extremely satisfied so that you come back to us and/or tell your friends about us.

Enjoy the store!