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Welcome the season with original vintage art - Our Picks

Looking for ways to brighten up your home to match that outside sunshine? How about a new piece of art for your wall? Specifically, how about an original vintage poster full of bright colours and flowers to get you in the seasonal mood? We've picked seven vintage art pieces that will without a doubt make you want to smell the flowers.

French advertisement poster for PARFUMERIE AUX FLEURS DE SAN REMO, circa early 1900s

Posted: Apr 20, 2014 | Tagged: flowers, spring

Getting ready for the spring with a little home redecorating


By: Katie Williams, M.Ed.

Are you ready to redecorate a room, or your entire home for a clean, spring feeling? Rue Marcellin has tons of original vintage posters, and prints for you to choose from to achieve a classy, yet artsy look. Today we’ve picked a couple original vintage French magazine illustrations, to give your home and all its inhabitants a little bit of that 1920s optimism and feeling of euphoria. Follow these 5 easy tips to turn your home into a classy, bohemian art lounge.

Posted: Feb 11, 2014 | Tagged: 1920s, spring, vintage magazine illustrations