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When past meets future - modern projects based on vintage elements

In one of our posts from the past we played a little bit with "time machine", connecting vintage posters from our shop with contemporary images. As we really like this kind of projects, we would like to show you a couple of examples, in which Past meets Future - and as you'll see, together they can have a really good fun! 

1. Alexey Kondakov collages 

Ukrainian artist used figures from classical paintings and placed them in conteporary spaces to make intriguing and a bit humorous collages with a dose of nice distance. More - here.


2. Outings Project

A great connection of museum art pieces from the past and contemporary street art. This global participative project was initiated by Julien de Casabianca, a French visual artist and filmmaker and it appeared in 28 cities around the world so far (in 12 of them - made by participants). Check how it looks in urban spaces here.


3. Oldies + Photoshop - collages by Giacomo Carmagnola 

Another collage series but this time artist used various types of visual arts - mainly photos and sculptures - and the effect is more mysterious and a bit disturbing. See all works here.


4. Bonobo - Cirrus, official video

This labor-intensive and detailed video created by Cyriak is a lovely example of motion collage, made of dosens of vintage photos and fragments of old movies. Great music connected with this image gives an effect which is impressive and memorable:


Posted: Jun 08, 2015 | Tagged: art, collage, connection, painting, vintage