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RM's special selection: vintage vehicles

Are you a fan of vintage cars or aviation motives? Or maybe you know someone who loves good, old machines and you're looking for some unique gift for him / her? Check our special selection of prints and posters with vintage vehicles from Rue Marcellin's collection:

On the left - La 18 CH Peugeot 1925 Original Print, on the right - TALBOT French Automobile Magazine Advertisement 1930 


Na strazy poslkiego nieba Polish Airforce 1955 Original Poster


Berner Flugtage (Bernese Flight Days) Original Swiss Aviation Poster

Flying or driving - what would you choose? 


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Vintage typography & lettering, part II - neons

In the second part of our journey through vintage letters we'll focus on signs, which lit up city streets for decades. We are experiencing a bit of a rediscovery of neons and are giving many of them a chance to shine again!


Posted: Apr 29, 2015 | Tagged: ads, graphic design, lettering, neons, typography, vintage