La 18 CH Peugeot 1925 Original Print

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Year 1925
Country France,
Size 29 x 36 cm (11.42 x 14.17 in)
Condition A
Colours Black, White,

The first Peugeot automobile, a three-wheeled steam-powered car was produced in 1889; only four examples were made.  In 1890, steam was abandoned in favour of a four-wheeled car with a petrol-fuelled internal combustion engine built under Daimler's licence. The car was more sophisticated than many of its contemporaries, with a three-point suspension and a sliding-gear transmission. 1896 saw the first Peugeot engines built; no longer were they reliant on Daimler its growth continued from this point.  During the First World War, Peugeot turned largely to arms production, becoming a major manufacturer of arms and military vehicles, from bicycles to tanks and shells. Postwar, car production resumed in earnest.

This poster is part of Peugeot's 1925 advertising campaign for the 18 CH model.

Particulars: This print is from an original vintage magazine. It has been professionally conserved and backed on acid-free linen paper. Find out more about what this means and why it's important: poster and print conservation and restoration.