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RM's special selection: vintage vehicles

Are you a fan of vintage cars or aviation motives? Or maybe you know someone who loves good, old machines and you're looking for some unique gift for him / her? Check our special selection of prints and posters with vintage vehicles from Rue Marcellin's collection:

On the left - La 18 CH Peugeot 1925 Original Print, on the right - TALBOT French Automobile Magazine Advertisement 1930 


Na strazy poslkiego nieba Polish Airforce 1955 Original Poster


Berner Flugtage (Bernese Flight Days) Original Swiss Aviation Poster

Flying or driving - what would you choose? 


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Where should our cognac-loving redhead live?

As I was sitting there admiring our Cognac Pellisson Père & Co. poster, created in 1907 by the genius Italian artist Lenatto Cappiello, I started to imagine the perfect room that it would best reside in. I absolutely love its dark, masculine colours - the browns, yellows, and greys, which contrast so well against the black-as-night background.  You'd have to see it in person for yourself, but the texture of this large poster, printed using the lithography method, is incredible as well. It feels like the chubby redhead, who is struggling so evidently while trying to stare you down, will speak at any moment, demanding why you aren't helping with the load. 

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Man Cave Ideas: Decorate Your Bachelor Pad With Original Vintage Posters and Prints

Are you trying to decorate your man cave with your favorite interests (like women, sports and booze) while still keeping a classy old fashion sense of sophistication? Vintage posters can give you just the look and style you’re looking for, and add a little luxury and refinement to your interior.

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