Man Cave Ideas: Decorate Your Bachelor Pad With Original Vintage Posters and Prints

Are you trying to decorate your man cave with your favorite interests (like women, sports and booze) while still keeping a classy old fashion sense of sophistication? Vintage posters can give you just the look and style you’re looking for, and add a little luxury and refinement to your interior.

When you think “vintage” you might have old fashion ideas and sentiments in mind, but eras past were actually full of pinup girls and fun ads for music, sports, cigarettes and alcohol. Vintage posters are colorful and fun and you can find a good range of styles to fit in with the theme of your bachelor pad.

Original vintage posters look great in darkened rooms with a lot of wood or leather, perfect for your man cave! Why not hang this great boxing poster from the 1930’s in your sports themed room? It’s a great example of a classic vintage poster.

If vintage ads are more your style then you’ll have no lack of choices in manly alcohol and tobacco ads when dealing in vintage posters. While many of the ads are for wines and liquors rather than cold cans of beer, you’ll find something fantastic to decorate your walls and add a little upscale class to your manly room. Check out this rare print for some inspiration!

What man doesn’t want to be surrounded by pretty women? The eloquent hand drawn images of vintage posters often portrayed beautiful young women with sultry smiles having a grand old time! The posters were often colorful and imaginative with women showing some skin, all advertising of the past was truly designed for men! Now you can use these vintage posters to add whimsy and beauty to your home decor.

You can even find combinations such as this stylish poster for a cigarette rolling machine featuring a dark haired beauty surrounded by fresh curls of smoke. This one is sure to be the focal point of any room.

Have a blast decorating your bachelor pad with dark colors and vintage posters. No matter if your special space is for entertaining or TV watching, you’ll be doing it in style! 

Check out our Man Cave Pinterest board for more interior design inspiration and give us some of your masculine home decor ideas.


Posted: Feb 05, 2014 | Tagged: gifts for men, home decor, interior design, man cave, men's decor, vintage posters

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