Questions about the Future of Print

In the time when we have more and more technologic resolutions and digitalized versions of publications, we often ask ourlseves questions: What will happen with printing? Will there be a place for prints in future? And finally: Should we really treat digital and paper versions as opponents or rather think about them as resolutions, which can happily and effectively work next to each other?

In fact, those considerations are not only about the printing itself. They are also reflections about media durabilities (is digital medium always more durable than paper version - and what actually "durability" really means here) or about professions, roles and specializations of people, which participate in process of creation and distribution.

The Future of Print - documentary film by Epilogue, is an attempt to find answers to these and other questions related to printing, selling and saving paper publications. Even if the most part of this project shows books as main "heroes", it's definitely not only about them - it helps to think about this subject in wider way. 

During watching the video you'll have an opportunity to meet printers, book sellers or people specialized in other areas related to printable projects, who share their stories and observations, worries and hopes. Thanks to them The Future of Print becomes a warm and a bit nostalgic journey through the world filled with the smell of print and with rustling of paper pages but, at the sime time, it's a crisp and honest report of what's happening now with prints and a forecast of what can happen next.

See the video below:

EPILOGUE: The Future of Print from EPILOGUEdoc on Vimeo.

Posted: Nov 23, 2015 | Tagged: print, printing process, video

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