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Rue Marcellin's time machine

Once on this blog characters from Rue Marcellin's poster & print collection came alive. Now we decided to use our time machine and let some of them move to modern times. ;) Here they are:

And here's how they look on original prints:

1. La Vie Parisienne - Conversation avec Mademoiselle - June 1921 Original Magazine Cover Print

2. La Vie Parisienne - En Roue Libre - circa 1920 Original Magazine Print 

Would you like to see some of other characters from RM's prints in modern times? Choose your favourite print from our shop and let us now in the comment below! 

(Photos used as backgrounds - via

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Traveling through France with Original Vintage Posters

Traveling can be an extremely gratifying and introspective experience, where we get exposed to amazing sensations often packed in concentrated doses throughout our oh-so-too-short journey. The world is truly magical, with places, people, and experiences that can simply leave us breathless. There are so many things to see and discover, and it’s sometimes frustrating that we can’t explore more of the world.

We all seek that perfect souvenir to remember those great times during our travels. While the typical souvenirs and postcards do their job, they often loose their shine and are quickly forgotten as we get back to our daily routine.

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