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Interior inspiration: RM's posters in minimalist black & white spaces

White walls, big windows, clean spaces - in simple, minimalist interior poster can work as a stylish detail or a strong color accent. We connected three chosen prints from our collection with this kind of rooms to show that vintage poster + modern interior is a well matched couple. 

Posters used here:

1. Polish Swissair Travel Poster

2. Swiss Industries Fair Basle Czech 1933 Original Poster

3. ST RAPHAËL Quinquina Apéritif - Rouge / Blanc 1933 Original Advertising Print 




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Poster stories

We would like to share with you two short movies which are great reflections of poster passion, seen and presented from two points of view: creators and collectors. Enjoy watching!

1. My passion: Posters

Sophie Churcher, a specialist in the 19th and 20th Century Posters department, tells stories of rare works and describes their special features. This movie was prepared as a part of series of films created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Christie’s South Kensington.


2. Graphic Wonderland

Contepmporary yet nostalgic journey across the land of posters created in New Zealand: charming imperfection of hand painted works; silkscreen printing process; travel posters encouraging to discover beautiful sceneries and visit new places. Characteristic details: hand painted letters, vibrant colors, a pinch of eroticism and a bit exaggerated details of idealized worlds. Creators talk about their work but also describe how they perceive their projects in retrospect. They also give subjective answers for the one important question: what's the difference between fine art and commercial / poster art?

As we can read in the film description: These posters are more than just advertising; they make people dream.


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Vintage bicycle fashion vol. 1: garments, posters, revolutions

Cycles + fashion + vintage - that's really nice connection. Regardless of whether you use the bicycle for everyday rides, or do not use it too often (or at all), you may know that cycling has quite rich story - not only as a kind of sport but also as (life)style, changing trends and much more: social revolutions. As fans of vintage cycling fashion (and, of course, of vintage cycling posters) we would like to present couple of sources which are a great reflections of vintage cycling. Just check:

Wheels of Change 

Today most of us have an opportunity to decide if it will be better to wear a flexible, convenient cycling outfit or to ride gracefully through the streets in a stylish retro costume. While watching dozens of female cyclists on the streets, we rarely wonder how controversial was a view of the lady on a bike (let alone view lady in trousers) in the past. There was even such thing as a list of Dont's for Women on Bicycles (circa 1895). Meanwhile, for many of our ancestors bike was more than "just" a comfortable, practical and environment-friendly way of transport. It was a symbol of social change and hardly acquired female independence. More about those changes you can read in the book Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom (With a Few Flat Tires Along the Way). More on Brain Pickings (picture source).

Cycling in Posters

The book Cycling in Posters is a collection of nineteenth-century bicycle posters, which can be regarded not only as a story of vehicles, but also of changing bicycle dress-code. You can see the ladies in long dresses, however - more and more often changed for equally stylish and more comfortable sport versions of women’s wardrobe.

Source: Season Books

Posters from Rue Marcellin's collection

First bicycle ads are often unusual, eccentric and fanciful. In our collection you can also find posters for vintage cycling lovers:

 1. Cycles Cottereau Original French 1896 Poster

2. Cycles RAD 1910 Original Poster

3. Pannetton Cycles 1900s Original Poster

In second part we will also show how vintage fashion inspires contemporary cyclists, how it still stays "alive" in our times... and much more. If you like vintage cycling, than stay tuned!



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Time for reading - Against All Odds: Polish Graphic Design 1919–1949

(...) This 408 page volume is an overflowing treasure-trove of graphic work prior to the 50s–60s golden age of postwar Polish posters. - Steven Heller

Rypson examines the different faces of Modernism in Poland from the revival of the nation at the end of the First World War to the imposition of Stalinism in the late 1940s. He is an expert guide, supplying fast-paced narratives about the commercial, state and political clients for whom graphic designers worked. (...) - David Crowley, "Eye"

Design junkies need to buy this sucker immediately. - Will

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