Time for reading - Against All Odds: Polish Graphic Design 1919–1949

(...) This 408 page volume is an overflowing treasure-trove of graphic work prior to the 50s–60s golden age of postwar Polish posters. - Steven Heller

Rypson examines the different faces of Modernism in Poland from the revival of the nation at the end of the First World War to the imposition of Stalinism in the late 1940s. He is an expert guide, supplying fast-paced narratives about the commercial, state and political clients for whom graphic designers worked. (...) - David Crowley, "Eye"

Design junkies need to buy this sucker immediately. - Will Schofield50watts.com

When you'll open book Against All Odds: Polish Graphic Design 1919–1949 by Piotr Rypson, (Polish art critic, art and literature historian), you'll know that those strong opinions are truly justified. Hard coverered publication designed by Przemek Dębowski and published by Karakter, hides a lot of carefully selected examples of graphic design created from time just after World War I till 50's: posters, stamps, ads, publications, packages, logotypes or even old invoices and blank forms. Designs which were created in the service of the state (for example - interesting and sometimes a bit unusual modifications of state emblem, created in times just after World War I when there were no precise regulations for using the shape of white eagle) or "not so serious" ads and projects, which sometimes are a bit funny. We have here rich review of many types of realisations, which currently are often definitely not easy to find.

From decorative compositions referring to folk motifs, through searching of new forms, to modern styles; from experimental typograhic compositions created by futurists to new order of functionalism; graphic projects used by collaborators and conspirators in hard times of Wold War II - all of them are nice parts of this great journey through the past decads of graphic design, but also of lifestyle in general. 

This book is a "must have" for people who are interested in history and theory of art & graphic design, collectors, as well as for graphic designers, who are looking for a good dose of inspiration - as author rightly pointed out, many of contemporary creators willingly reach for inspiration from that period. 

The book was first issued in Polish so below - photos of Polish version. More about English edition as well as about author of this book - here, on publisher's website.


English book cover version - source: karakter.pl, photos: M. Koscianska

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