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Paris 1900 The City of Fashion, Luxury and Night Entertainment

A couple of days ago I took the opportunity to visit the ongoing exhibition at the Petit Palais Musée des Beaux-Arts in Paris titled, Paris 1900, The City of Entertainment, and described as "an invitation to the public to relive the splendour of the French capital at the time when the Paris Exposition Universelle was heralding the arrival of the 20th century". It runs until August 17th. Overall it was an excellent exhibition with some 600 beautiful works on display including a rich array of original vintage posters by some of the great artists of the day. 

Posted: May 15, 2014 | Tagged: Art Nouveau, Expo 1900, Fashion, France, Luxury, Paris

Traveling through France with Original Vintage Posters

Traveling can be an extremely gratifying and introspective experience, where we get exposed to amazing sensations often packed in concentrated doses throughout our oh-so-too-short journey. The world is truly magical, with places, people, and experiences that can simply leave us breathless. There are so many things to see and discover, and it’s sometimes frustrating that we can’t explore more of the world.

We all seek that perfect souvenir to remember those great times during our travels. While the typical souvenirs and postcards do their job, they often loose their shine and are quickly forgotten as we get back to our daily routine.

Posted: Jan 28, 2014 | Tagged: France, souvenirs, travel, vintage posters