Getting ready for the spring with a little home redecorating


By: Katie Williams, M.Ed.

Are you ready to redecorate a room, or your entire home for a clean, spring feeling? Rue Marcellin has tons of original vintage posters, and prints for you to choose from to achieve a classy, yet artsy look. Today we’ve picked a couple original vintage French magazine illustrations, to give your home and all its inhabitants a little bit of that 1920s optimism and feeling of euphoria. Follow these 5 easy tips to turn your home into a classy, bohemian art lounge.

  1. Buy some plants

Plants will brighten your room, and help you to welcome in spring after such a long, cold winter. Larger bushes or trees can be placed at the corners of a room, or even in tiered levels to achieve a very vibrant, and lush look. Try experimenting with different types of pots for your plants that you can easily pick up at garage sales, or antique stores.

  1. Choose posters, and prints to mix and match

Our collection of vintage posters and prints are so luscious that it’s hard to choose only one. Try selecting complimentary pieces in different sizes. For a “Great Gatsby” 1920’s look, we recommend La Femme Chic, which has a bright summer vibe, or La Vie Parisienne - Vol de Pekin à Paris, which has an airy, travel spirit.


  1. Funky frames will set your prints apart

Then, use funky frames to highlight each poster, or print on your wall. Select an area with good lighting so that your prints will really shine.

  1. Let the sunshine in

Natural lighting is important not only to highlight your prints, and posters, but also to illuminate your entire home. As winter turns to spring, try opening your windows and letting that delicious spring air waft into your rooms. Just remember, to prevent your art falling victim to irreversible sunlight damage, use glass with UV protection when framing your posters and prints. Out with the old, and in with the new (except your vintage posters and prints of course!)


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Posted: Feb 11, 2014 | Tagged: 1920s, spring, vintage magazine illustrations

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