8 reasons to buy original vintage posters and prints


 1. They are beautiful - Many vintage posters and prints are stunningly gorgeous works of art created by some of the most talented artists of the day. Looking at an authentic poster or print you will notice on first glance that the work is not like the over-photoshoped inkjet retro replicas currently flooding the internet. Original posters and prints are authentic lithographs where the mould was painstakingly created by the poster artist by hand. This is instantly evident in the artwork's unique colours and rich textures which are unrivalled by any modern copy.

2. They are unique - Vintage posters and prints add a sense of uniqueness and individuality to your interior design. Because they are original pieces, many over a century old, they are very rare.  You can be certain that few individuals in the world, will have the same artwork as you. 

3. They are a great investment - Unlike a new car or the furniture in your house, original posters and prints will not plummet in value the moment you remove them from the store. They are highly prized collectibles and will go up in value over time. While prices may fluctuate over the short term they are very good investment over the long run.

4. They add contrast - Vintage posters and prints can add design, colour, texture and energy to even the most modern or contemporary decor. In fact, it is the contemporary room that benefits most from a poster or two. Adding an ornate art nouveau, a streamlined art deco, or a Swiss "object" poster or print turns a monochromatic setting into something truly unique and fun.

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5. They are trendpoof - Despite the fact that popular poster and print styles change over the years, affected by world events, anniversaries, and other influences, over the long term quality, authentic vintage artwork, regardless of style, is unlikely to offend even the trendiest of trendies.

6. They will transport you to another place and time - Vintage posters and prints can remind us of our of past travels, or awaken a desire to travel and to discover the world first hand. They offer us the unique chance to make an imaginary trip to another place, seeing the destination as it once was in the most beautiful light.

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7. They are a conversation starter - Whether you are a fan of history, advertising, the opera, fashion, cars, wines, or dish detergent, your vintage poster and print will quickly turn into a great conversation piece with your guests revealing your sophisticated personality.

8. They are a great hobby - A word of caution: You may not be able to stop at just owning one or two.  Vintage posters and prints can quickly turn you into a collector. You've been warned!

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Have any more reasons to add to the list? Let us know...

Posted: Feb 01, 2014 | Tagged: collecting, decorating, vintage posters

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