Why We Love Original Vintage Poster Art

No doubt about it, whatever you wan to call it: Retro, Vintage, Antique, it's in! In fact, it’s almost always in! The one constant you can expect in both fashion and design is that people will always be looking backward through the decades for inspiration. That’s why bellbottoms just won’t stay locked away in the back of closet and why retro TV shows like Mad Man, are so widely watched, we all dream of partying with the Great Gatsby, and we find ourselves constantly looking back through vintage magazines and coveting vintage art. So what causes this near obsession with the past? Why do we add vintage filters to all our photos on Instagram and dress from eras past and embrace art deco to this day?

Human beings are historical and nostalgic by nature. We love to hear and see things from the past and remember the good old days, even if they were so long ago that we weren’t actually present. We usually gravitate towards the classy, the beautiful and the fun moments in history when we look for artistic inspiration. Maybe we’re jealous of a time when things seemed simpler or that we missed a period in time where we think we might have fared well. Maybe it’s because we secretly like predictability and we already know the endings to these stories. No matter what the reason, it is clear that hope springs from vintage photos, art and design.

Our eyes are also drawn to bold colors and strong geometric shapes like those found in Art Deco or the dizzyingly intricate detail of Art Nouveau. Many of the vintage posters, adverts, and illustrations we have here at Rue Marcellin have a variety of unique styles people covet and crave from some of the most fascinating eras in history. We feature original poster and printed art from France, Switzerland, Spain and other parts of Europe. They make stunning conversation pieces, help add life and colour to any room and also make memorable gifts for special friends or family members. If you’re looking for a unique piece that celebrates the past then surly we have something that will have you recounting times gone by in no time.

Posted: Oct 08, 2014

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