New Posters for the New Year

January is a time for re-invention and bringing in new ideas and perspectives into our lives.  We are excited to kick of the new year with these newly-acquired posters that we just added to our collection.  Check them out below:

Bonal Aperitif - L'Ami des Sportifs Boxing Poster, circa 1930s
Emprunt National pour la Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas WWI Poster, Francisque Poulbot,1920
Savon Normal French Soap, Firmin Bouisset, 1895 
Fenouillet Liqueur Digestive, Victor Leydet, 1900
Lessive Flamande, E. Stanek, circa 1890s
Bally Herrenschuhe Men's Shoes, Franco Barberis, 1938
Elna Sewing Machine Poster, Donald Brun, 1946
Modische Birma - Schürzen, Donald Brun, 1944
Journée du Poilu, 25 et 26 Décembre 1915 WWI Poster, Francisque Poulbot
Banque National de Crédit French WWI Poster, Georges Goursat (SEM), 1916
Chemin de Fer du Nord, Foire Commerciale de Lille, Arm Franquinet, 1928


As you can see the range of styles is quite incredible. We absolutely love the variety this brings to our overall collection.  Tell us which one is your favourite and why!

Posted: Jan 16, 2014 | Tagged: new

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