Primer: Decorating with Vintage Posters

Original vintage posters and prints make exquisite wall decor works in almost any home and once you purchase your first one, you might find it difficult not to be tempted to collect more. Nowhere else in the art world can you find such a amazing combination of great design, collectability and good value for money. After all, not many of us can afford a Monet or a Van Gogh original for their wall. In contrast, many original vintage posters and prints from some of the leading artists in the field, are, at least for the moment, still very affordable (despite the fact that more and more of the most sought-after posters are likely to be above the price range of most collectors as they continue to rise in value).

If you are like most people, you won’t want these gorgeous posters and prints gathering dust in a box somewhere and you'll want them on full display. This would allow you, family, friends and other visitors to enjoy them to the full. With this in mind though, what should you collect, and what might you display where?

Credit: Eleven Interiors

Great interior design with vintage posters and prints

There are so many great designs of authentic, original vintage posters and prints available, with bright, striking designs and eye catching imagery. These will look good wherever they are hung in your home, however with a little thought you can come up with some great themes which will really enhance your interior décor.

A theme for each room

There are so many different themes to choose from, but why not go with a theme that matches each room? Here are a few examples:

Kitchen – The kitchen is a great place for food and kitchenalia related prints. Wine and other drink related posters and prints also fit really well in the kitchen.


Dining room – The dining room is also a good place for food and drink related drinks, however a Parisian café theme might also go really well here.

Credit: Casey Design/Planning Group

Bedroom – There are so many different ideas for the bedroom. You could go with men’s or women’s fashions, or perhaps perfumes and cosmetics. There is even an erotic theme if you wanted something a little racy. The same goes for the bathroom.

Credit: Salinas Lasheras 

Living room – The living room is likely to be your showpiece, where guests will see the wonderful posters and prints you have collected. You could choose an entertainment related theme such as art & theatre, or exhibitions and festivals. Alternatively you may want to show off your best and most interesting prints for the living room where they are likely to be great talking points and conversation starters.

Credit: ABCD Design

Colour schemes

There is such a variety of different authentic posters and prints available and in the whole spectrum of colours too. You can choose designs that you like but equally ones that match or compliment the colour scheme of your room.

Credit: Kelly & Stone Architects

While a selection of varying styles and themes of prints can be a good choice, some may choose a set of pictures with a strong theme linking them together. When choosing a theme, the first and often last place to look is what most interests you; after all it is you that will be seeing them every day. So whether you are interested in cars, books and literature or sports, why not center your interior design theme around them, and choose great authentic vintage posters and prints to match?

Credit: Tom Stringer Design Partners

What kind of poster do you dream of for your interior

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