Original Vintage Posters and Prints From the Roaring 20’s

Decorate your walls with a thrilling throw back to the Roaring 20’s, or as referred to by the French as Les Années Folles or the Crazy Years. This was a time of economic prosperity, where jazz and hooch were free flowing and the world became obsessed with celebrities. If you have a passion for original vintage posters there is no greater place to start your collection than the 1920’s.

This was an era of social, artistic, and cultural dynamism.  The decade saw the personal use of automobiles, telephones and the very first motion pictures, all of which made information and advertisement easier to communicate. Trends were easier to catch fire and it was easier to follow celebrities in the making and keep up to date on the latest gossip and news. The biggest celebrities were sports heroes and movie stars. The new technology made people feel like anything was possible and they broke away from tradition to forge new territory of their own in society and culture.

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New Posters for the New Year

January is a time for re-invention and bringing in new ideas and perspectives into our lives.  We are excited to kick of the new year with these newly-acquired posters that we just added to our collection.  Check them out below:

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Primer: Decorating with Vintage Posters

Original vintage posters and prints make exquisite wall decor works in almost any home and once you purchase your first one, you might find it difficult not to be tempted to collect more. Nowhere else in the art world can you find such a amazing combination of great design, collectability and good value for money. After all, not many of us can afford a Monet or a Van Gogh original for their wall. In contrast, many original vintage posters and prints from some of the leading artists in the field, are, at least for the moment, still very affordable (despite the fact that more and more of the most sought-after posters are likely to be above the price range of most collectors as they continue to rise in value).

If you are like most people, you won’t want these gorgeous posters and prints gathering dust in a box somewhere and you'll want them on full display. This would allow you, family, friends and other visitors to enjoy them to the full. With this in mind though, what should you collect, and what might you display where?

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A Brief History of Collecting Vintage Posters

We are all familiar with displaying posters as an art form. For some of us it's a flashback to our youth. I still remember the architectural print of the Acropolis my dad bought for me when we lived in Athens. It hung on my wall for years, simply attached directly to the wall, until one Christmas my mom had it professionally framed. I still own it to this day. Of course it fared better than the Star Wars, Michael Jackson and Vancouver Canucks hockey posters long forgotten as we parted ways at some garage sale before a move.

It wasn't until many years later that the poster and I reestablished a relationship, this time it was at a vintage poster gallery in France where I remember being awestruck by what I saw on the walls. The overall beauty, range in styles, colours, and sizes of these posters were incredible. Upon learning that these beautiful, original pieces were made as early as the 1860s, and gaining an understanding of what it took to produce lithographic prints in those days, my appreciation grew further. I couldn’t get over how much cool history was hanging right there for me to ogle at!

The poster market originated in the 1870s thanks to a Parisian artist named Jules Chéret, now commonly referred to as the Father of the Poster. He invented a printing technique called colour lithography that allowed for the rapid and inexpensive production of images with intense colour and rich texture. He produced many beautiful lithos. In the 1890s, the advertising poster market grew speedily, and posters filled the streets of Paris.    

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