Bring Back the Golden Age of Boozing through Vintage Posters

Vintage posters are a dream come true for the wine and alcohol lovers in your life. Wine and alcohol were popular subjects in vintage and art deco posters from all over the world. These pieces make fantastic gifts and make wonderful decoration for living rooms, finished basements, bar areas and man caves.

Booze themed posters were particularly popular in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s both in France and the US. They often  included pretty women, carefree and dressed to the 9’s. It was a testament to the freewheeling jazz lifestyle that was highly coveted and glamorized in the movies.

You can find our full line of wine-centric posters here.

These vintage posters were generally advertisements famous wine and Champagne houses as well as liquor brands, some of which have long disappeared into history, while others are very much alive and intoxicating consumers today. These include French aperitif brands that have recently once again come into trend such as Bonal, Cinzano, Byrrh, Dubonnet and Lillet to name a few. If you are a collector or a wine connoisseur you can find great pieces for your display. The colours are bright and festive, boasting men and women smiling, drinking and having a grand old time. They make a fun, colourful talking point that can be central to your interior design.

If your home has a wine cellar or you’re thinking of adding one in the near future, you can start thinking about your decorations now. Get into the spirit with a wine themed vintage poster or two. Wine cellars are typically darker in lighting and in coluor pallet; you can easily backlight your prints to highlight them. Add additional flair by displaying some vintage corkscrews, bottles full of used corks, or bring in a used wine barrel to add to the vibe, the possibilities are endless!

Rue Marcellin offers rare original pieces from all over that celebrate eras long past and help us keep the memories alive. Show that special wine lover in your life what they mean to you, or use the posters to decorate your own home!


Posted: May 04, 2014 | Tagged: alcohol, wine

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