A Unique Wedding Gift That Will Make An Impression

Weddings are a time of great celebration. We get together with friends and family and celebrate the joyous union of love.  But if you’re like me, you also end up worrying about the little things, like what you’re going to get the bride and groom for their wedding present.  You don’t want to get something too boring, too functional, to predictable. You want to stand out from the crowd of dishes, towels and appliances.  But you also don’t want to get something that will go untouched, or that holds no meaning for the couple. 

A great option for a beautiful, standout wedding gift, that can reflect both your personality and theirs, is an original vintage poster or print.  Now on the surface this may seem like an odd choice for a wedding gift, however it can fit the bill perfectly.  Think about the happy couple.  The couple will be starting their lives as a unit, perhaps moving in together.  They will need things to make their new place a home.  A one-of-a-kind vintage poster will not only make stunning room decor, but will help remind the couple of their happy wedding. 

The great thing is that you can choose a poster or print to fit the couple perfectly.  You already know that they have mutual hobbies, interests, and activities they enjoy doing together - otherwise they wouldn't be getting married!  Why not give a unique, original gift that highlights one of the things that brings them together? 

Are they wine and spirits lovers?  Consider the 1956 Cinzano advertising print by artist René Gruau, depicting an elegant woman having wine poured into her glass.  The bold black and red colors are both romantic and sophisticated. This print will inevitably become the focus of attention in any room.

Does the couple enjoy riding bicycles together, combined with their mutual love for vintage? This stunning Cycles RAD poster, from 1910, would be an excellent reminder of their enjoyment of the sport, and the times they spent riding together.  The gorgeous cobblestone background of rural France adds a whimsical touch, perhaps highlighting a recent trip.

Or perhaps just choosing a romantic print depicting a gorgeous woman in a ring of flowers, such as with the 1926 La Vie Parisienne magazine illustration, will serve as a reminder of how beautiful the bride looked on her very own wedding day, covered in flowers, walking down the aisle.  This print truly captures the feeling of the blushing bride with the soft dress, her beautiful smile and the whimsical colours of the clouds and sky.  

By selecting the perfect poster or print  you help the bride and groom remember the happiness they felt on their wedding day every time they walk past the artwork at home.  This gift will capture the spirit of the couple, and will become a cherished piece in their collection of memories.  And of course they’ll remember you, in that same loving light. 

Check out our online store for more ideas to find that truly perfect piece of art. What's the most unique wedding gift you've come across in the past?

Posted: Mar 28, 2014 | Tagged: gift ideas, gifts, romantic, unique, wedding

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