VICHY the Queen of Water Cities 1930 Magazine Advertisement

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Printer Unknown,
Year 1930
Country France,
Size 24.5 x 33.2 cm (9.65 x 13.07 in)
Condition A
Colours Black, White,

Vichy has been known as a spa and resort town since the late 1800s. Unfortunately this has been overshadowed by the fact that it became the de facto capital of Vichy France during the World War II Nazi German occupation from 1940 to 1944. Prior to this, it was referred to as the "Queen of spas" or the "French Bayreuth". The city really came onto the map when discovered by Napoleon III in 1861. The Emperor came back to the city every year to make use of the thermal spas as did the daughters of King Louis XV and Napoleon's mother. Vichy quickly grew as he built an opera house, parks, spa and a racecourse acquiring a charming air similar to that of the French Riviera. This was the golden age of spas and just before WWII Vichy had five hundred hotels and was visited by 100,000 patients a year. This print, designed by French artist, Paul Dufau in 1930.

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