Na strazy poslkiego nieba Polish Airforce 1955 Original Poster

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Year 1955
Country Poland,
Size 98 x 68 cm (38.6 x 26.8 in)
Condition A-
Colours Beige, Blue, Grey, Red, White,

This 1955 Polish propaganda poster is titled, On Guard of the Polish Sky. It was designed for the Polish communist government as an advertisement of the Polish airforce. It is a wonderful showcase of Polish original poster art that is beginning to be recognized today for its unique achievements. While the Poles were isolated from the rest of the world by the iron curtain, incredible and unique poster art was thriving within the country uninfluenced by western "commercial" styles.

Wiktor Gorka (1922-2004) was a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, 1952. Since 50s he worked for Poland's largest publishing houses and film distributors: RSW "Prasa", "WAG", "CWF". For many years he was a visiting professor at numerous artistic academies in Mexico. Wiktor GorkaGorka created numerous movie posters, for which he was awarded famous and numerous awards, including the second Charlemagne Prize for Film Poster (1964).

Particulars: This colour offset poster has been professionally conserved and backed on acid-free linen paper ( see poster and print conservation and restoration )