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Year circa 1900
Country France,
Size 146 x 110 (57.5 x 43.3 in)
Condition A
Colours Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow,

This enormous poster (57.5" x 43.5") was created sometime between 1895 and 1910. It's a typographer's paradise and it's obvious that the artist wanted to the writing to play a key role in this advertisement - we count at least 13 different font styles! This highly decorative and colourful work is a great example of the style of the day, when artists were freely experimenting with the innovative new print medium, the advertising poster. It's essentially an enormous La Mascotte bottle label, being almost identical what's on the bottle. " A glass before each meal stimulates the appetite" claims the young, traditionally dressed woman holding a tiny glass of the liquor while rubbing her stomach. Despite the bold statement that it's "an aperitif without a rival", the brand has has disappeared into history.

Particulars: This lithographic poster has been professionally conserved and backed on acid-free linen paper (see poster and print conservation and restoration)