Bablot le Gagnant sur Delage - Coupe des Voitures Legeres 1911 Original Illustration

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Year 1911
Country France,
Size 45 x 90 cm (17.7 x 35.4 in)
Condition A+
Colours Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow,

This print is subtitled: "Bablot le gagnant sur Delage Magneto Bosch, Carburateur Claudel". French automobile designer Louis Delage designed the four cylinder racing engine and in this print we see French race car driver Paul Bablot driving one to win the 1911 Coupe des Voiturettes at Boulogne. This automobile was auctioned off in London in 2005 for over 330,000 British pounds. Bablot also owned an early French-built Wright-model airplane. He later became a track builder and designed the Circuit of Miramas which held the French Grand Prix in 1926.

Gamy is Marguerite Montaut, wife of Ernest Montaut. Ernest Montaut produced his first automobile lithographs in the late 19th century, documenting the new French passion for automobile racing. Marguerite joined him in his work producing not only racing prints but also developing a fine series of aviation prints commemorating such events as the first flights on the early European mail routes.


Particulars: This lithographic print has been professionally conserved and backed on acid-free linen paper (see poster and print conservation and restoration)