Champagne Delbeck, Reims 1910 Original Poster

This is an authentic original printed on the date stated below. We only sell original-period items! Each product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Year 1910
Country France,
Size 45 x 57.5 cm (17.72 x 22.64 in)
Condition A+
Colours Green, Orange, Yellow,

The Delbeck Champagne house was established in 1832 by Félix-Désiré Delbeck in Reims. Delbeck champagne found favour with the court of Louis-Philippe of France, and was in 1838 named the official Champagne of the French monarchy.  Delbeck became the only Champagne allowed to bear the royal emblem and motto Fournisseurs de l'Ancienne Cour de France [Suppliers of the Ancient Court of France]. It also became the Champagne supplier of most other European royal courts. The reputation of Delbeck grew quickly between 1870 and 1912. In 1884 it was the third largest Champagne exporter to the North America. During the Belle Époque, it was the preferred choice at Hollywood dinners, in New York and in Paris. After 171 years in business it all came to a climatic end in 2003. Following a financial scandal, the famous champagne house files for bankruptcy.  

This 1910 poster reflects an advertising campaign of a world-renowned Champagne house, at the top of its game. This is a poster of symmetry and patterns that would fascinate the architect or draftsperson in all of us. The beautiful bartender's dress reminds us of Delbeck's royal heritage. This is contrasted by the comfortableness of the bar suggesting it can be a Champagne for all.

Particulars: This lithographic poster has been professionally conserved and backed on acid-free linen paper (see poster and print conservation and restoration)