Bonal Aperitif - Gentiane-Quina 1933 Original Magazine Advertisement

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Year c 1930
Country France,
Size 25.0 x 33.0 cm (9.84 x 12.99 in)
Condition A
Colours Black, Grey, White,

Bonal was a popular French alcoholic aperitif in the 1930s. The company featured French artists and celebrities of the time to advertise and promote their product by way of various poster designs. The most well known Bonal advertisements were designed by artists A.M. Cassandre and Charles Lemmel.  This circa 1933 Art Deco ad which exists in a number of formats, including a highly sought after full-sized poster, was designed by A.M Cassandre.  The drink, made of gentian, quina, and other herbs similar to that of Chartreuse, was promoted of opening up the appetite, a concept which is visually demonstrated in this ad. This piece is an original 1933 magazine advert.

About the artist:

Adolphe Jean Marie Mouron (1901-1968), more commonly known as A.M. Cassandre, is considered one of the great masters of modern graphic design and was an important contributor to Art Deco style. His images of trains, ocean liners, and alcoholic beverages, among other things, defined our vision of the period between the wars. 

Particulars: This print is from an original vintage magazine
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