It is important to remember that you are buying an original vintage fine art poster an not a reproduction of any kind. We do not use terms like “mint” or “near mint” condition, as they are highly subjective.  Each of our pieces is photographed in high quality so you can zoom in and view the poster in greater detail.  In addition we use the following IVPDA (International Vintage Poster Dealers Association) approved condition rating system:


"A" Condition: the poster is in fine condition. The colours are fresh and there is no paper loss. If there is a slight tear, or folds, it is very unobtrusive.

"B" Condition: the poster is in good condition. The colours are acceptable. While slight paper loss maybe evident, it does not distract from the image. Restoration, if any, is not immediately apparent.

"C" Condition: the poster is in fair condition. Colours are faded, and there are signs of more extensive restoration. Existing folds are more visible, and possibly minor paper loss.


We further use '+' or '-' to more precisely describe the condition of a particular item (e.g.: B+).  On top of this, we describe any “condition particularities” for individual pieces on its product page.


We apply the above condition rating system to all our posters and prints.  If you have additional questions regarding our piece’s condition, we invite you to submit any inquiries.