Oversized Original Vintage Posters Make Stunning Wall Decorations

If you have a large-sized room to decorate, perhaps a loft with high ceilings and a lot of wall space, you already know how much of a challenge this can be when it comes to finding the appropriate artwork. Artwork and accessories in a big room should be bigger and bolder. Consider opting for an extra-large original vintage poster, which will add tons of character to any decor style. Placed in a simple poster frame and hung on an accent wall with a splash of vibrant colour, it can really bring that "wow" factor to your home.

The pieces in our collection have a height or width up to 2 metres (78 inches). Most posters come in the portrait format, with landscape styles being significantly more rare. 

Very large posters are great for decorating because they can fill a great deal of wall space. They are extremely impactful and instantly capture attention. The dominating piece can be a central feature and a great starting point to creating a colour and texture palette for the rest of the room. For extra effect you can add lighting to your poster. Or try hanging your poster from the ceiling instead of flat on the wall for an unexpected twist.

Check out some of our largest posters:


Size: 129 x 198.5 cm (50.79 x 78.15 in)

Size: 129 x 198 cm (50.79 x 77.95 in)

Size: 105.5 x 149 cm (41.54 x 58.66 in)

Size: 100 x 171 cm (39.37 x 67.32 in)

Size: 127 x 193 cm (50 x 75.98 in)

Size: 157 x 117 cm (62 x 46 in)

Size: 146 x 110 (57.5 x 43.3 in)

What do you think about decorating with these large beautifies?

Posted: Jun 08, 2014 | Tagged: XL Posters

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